Sunday, August 22, 2010

Having Fun Yet?

Mom isn't.  But how much fun can anticipating radiation be?  Let's be honest....

But the truth is, she is looking forward to beginning this next step in the process.  She starts radiation on Wednesday for 33 sessions.  Roughly 6 weeks or so.  Each day of the work week.   

She's anticipating more tiredness, and less nausea.  More sleep.  Less ache.  Sounds glamorous, I know...but I think for her, it's a little something she's glad to be getting going. 

Keep the thoughts and prayers, good vibes, gifts, letters, etc. coming.  I know how very much they mean to her.

And watching her being carried by the love, faith, prayers, and words of all of you wonderful friends and family out there has meant the world to all of us. 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's Our Favorite Word?

You guessed it...DONE!!!! Today mom had her last chemo treatment. Yippee! She did it, and we are so proud of her. Dad, Aunt Gloria and Aunt Carolyn, along with Bentley and I came to help celebrate. She was tender as usual and humbled as she looked around at other courageous men and women that were as well having treatments. This is a major milestone in her healing process and we couldn't be more excited for her to be finishing up, and preparing to start radiation in a few weeks. She will still however, have to go to Huntsman for the next 8 months, to receive a medicine that is part of her treatment regiment. This process is a lot shorter and not nearly as involved as her chemo treatments have been.

Mom also had her first appointment with her radiation doctor as well today. She has a more informative appointment on August 16th, which will help us know what her schedule will be like and what to expect. We will of course keep everyone posted.

Way to go, Mom. You did it!

Aunt Gloria and Aunt Carolyn have enjoyed being with mom for her treatment days. They have worked on several quilts during these treatments, visited, gone to lunch, and I'm sure talked about everything under the sun. Thanks for your continued support Sweet Aunties.

Bentley gave mom a Willow Tree angel called "Beautiful Wishes". She has a little collection and this one will be such a memorable one to add to it.

I came to be the official picture taker...and of course I wouldn't have missed this day for anything. We are busy talking about what we can do to pass the time during her daily radiation treatments and while we wait for her hair to grow back.