Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#2 Surgery Success

Mom had her second lumpectomy yesterday. When I spoke with her in the afternoon she was in pretty good spirits and was even able to laugh a little. We joked when she told me how she didn't completely "go under" this time and how she heard the conversations of the surgeons throughout the whole thing. Things like, "How are your kids doing?" and "I'm so glad it's warmed up so I can work out in the yard" and "Did you have much of a chance to go skiing this winter?" Of course, those seem like such slight conversations compared to the task at hand--at least she felt a little of that, but reiterated as well how grateful she is for good surgeons who know what they're doing--and can even carry a little conversation while they're busy at work saving people's lives!

She was also given a port {click for further information} on her right side chest and neck that will help during chemotherapy and blood sampling throughout the process. It's a little painful she said, but will be so helpful as it takes the trauma out of all the needle pricks she usually has to go through. Our Mom has lots of good things but one thing she doesn't have is lots of good veins. Sadly her ONE good vein wouldn't be able to take the brunt of chemo, so having a port will be the absolutely best thing for her.

She meets Friday with the Oncologist, and is looking forward to a weekend of spiritual rejuvenation as she watches Conference. Chemotherapy will likely begin the next week sometime but we've heard no set date or schedule as of yet. We will keep you updated via this blog throughout the whole process. Thank you again for all your support!


  1. Gayle, I tried to call you Sunday night to wish you well. You are in our prayers and fasting. You are an amazing example of faith and positive attitude. We send you our love and hugs. The Lord will bless you!!!

    All our love, Deanne and Gary

  2. Glad to hear that surgery #2 went well. I didn't know that you could go under without going all the way under and I had never heard of a "port". So this post was very informative to me. :) I'm so glad that modern medicine has invented things like the port. Although my veins are fine I hate needles (hence having my babies unmedicated) so I'm so glad that you won't be poked anymore. I love you and you are in my thoughts and prayers always. Sending a big hug for you. :)

  3. Glad to hear the surgery went well! You are a trooper...Know that there are lots of prayers coming your way. I can't wait to come and visit you at Ginny's! xoxo

  4. Glad to hear everything went well. Kinda strange to be able to hear conversations like that while only 'half' under. My Dad had a hard time with healthy veins also (must be a Dunford thing). Hang tough...lots of love