Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Mom's 70th birthday came and went on Monday--but it wasn't without some surprises along the way!  We've actually been celebrating all month long!  Our family got together for a quaint evening when the majority of us were here and surprised her with a little party with what she thought would be a "family meeting".  We had presents, cake, and a birthday banner to mark the occasion.  Most of the adult children and spouses were there and we really did have a nice evening together.

  But it was such a fun surprise to have these fun lady friends from Quilt Guild come dressed up on her actual birthday.  Nobody actually knew they were coming (otherwise we would have given our Mom a heads up) but maybe that is why nobody clued us in on the fun! :)  They just knocked on the door and walked right into her room and celebrated her with singing, balloons, gifts and goodies.  They hugged her and loved her and really made her feel special.  It couldn't have been more meaningful. 

It was truly just what she needed.

I'm old enough to realize that as birthdays come and go--they are pretty much the same kind of days we live the other 364 days of the year.  But I also know how much this special birthday meant to her--now as she's outlived her own mother by 15 years, and her dad by 8, she was grateful for yet another year to put into her bag full of life experiences.

She is optimistic about the future and hopeful for many more amazing years. Mom we love you and celebrate you and your amazing 70 years of life.   

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  1. How fun!!!! My dear sweet auntie Happy 70. You look FABULOUS!