Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chemo Day #1

For those of you who have spent time with mom have probably heard her say this, "What's our favorite word?...DONE!" That is exactly how mom felt yesterday after completing her first day of Chemo therapy. I have to admit it feels good to her family as well.

Mom started the day early with her first doctors appointment at 8:00 a.m. She had 3 other appointments before she entered the infusion room at 9:30. The infusion room is just that, a larger room with chairs all lined up with people sitting, hooked-up, having their chemo treatments. Everyone I saw was bald except for mom. Her hair looked especially pretty. One lady commented to mom how pretty her hair was and to enjoy it for now. Mom was gracious and smiled. She heard people talk about there stories to each other. I guess that's what you do. One nurse told her that she would get used to this room and that she would make friends there too. She noticed some people looking really sick and that was hard. I think we were both surprised to see smiles on there faces while they looked at mom. It was almost like they were saying to her, "you'll be okay." Of course they know the route she is going down.

Mom left Huntsman around 4:00 and dad took her home. She had developed quite a headache in the hospital during infusion but other than that she was feeling fine. They stopped for a light dinner and then spent the evening working around the house on various things.

This morning, the day after, I talked to mom and she seems surprisingly great. What a blessing it is that she is not sick. She is positive and happy and enjoying any moment that she feels good. She anticipates that she won't always feel this way, but hopes that it is well down the road.

Thanks again for all your kind messages, phone calls and prayers you have offered on our moms behalf. She is often tender when she talks about family and friends. We know how much everyone loves her.


  1. I am going to put my computer down and go say a special prayer for Gayle. She is such a beautiful person and I am so thankful that it went ok, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Amie

  2. Love you Aunt Gayle!! Keep up the fight.

  3. Keep smiling that smile pretty lady :) Love ya!

  4. Hi Gayle and Katie,
    I attended one of your amazing Rug Hooking Retreats several years ago. I remember your beautiful home, and how comfortable you made us all feel. You are a beautiful family that are so generous with your time and talents.
    Best of luck with all that you are going through right now. I moved to St. George and will be placing your name on the prayer rolls of the temple here. Know you will be in my personal prayers also.

  5. I hope yourtreatments are going well for you and that you aren't too sick from them.
    I love your favorite word. I have to remind myself to enjoy the journey. Here is a new favorite for me: I am going to go home and work on my PHD. Projects Half Done. Can you relate?

    Happy wishes to you,