Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Love

I about fell on the floor when I went to my cousin's blog site and saw a whole entry on the "Race for the Cure" they had done for my Mom.  It was so unexpected!  When I called my Mom to see if she knew her sister Gloria, sons Kit and Tyler and Tyler's wife, Marli ran it-- she said she didn't know anything about it.  What an honor!  Here's the post she wrote from her blog.

"We did the Race for the Cure again this year. Every year I run in memory of my Great Grandma Lucille. She was in her early 30s when she died from breast cancer and all the complications that she had from the different treatments they were trying on her. It was an honor again this year to run in her memory.

Also this year was a little more tender because Tyler's Aunt Gayle was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is in treatment right now. She is fighting the fight and being truly amazing through it all. We love her so much and we decided to make t-shirts in her honor. She has a blog that her daughter's created for her it's called make pink lemonade. So on our T-shirts we put "Making Pink Lemonade in Honor of Gayle's Lemons" with a picture of Gayle. We love you Gayle! You're an inspiration!"

Thank you Lloyd Family for honoring our Mother!  We love that you did this and I know how touched she was to recieve your letter and pictures in the mail!   


  1. How very thoughtful of your sweet sister and her family to run the race in your honor. If I could run, I'd run a race for you too, Gayle. Know that you are running #1 in our
    thoughts and prayers anyway.
    Love you much, Helen