Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chemo Day #3

On Tuesday, Mom completed her 3rd Chemotherapy session. Because her blood levels are still struggling a bit, her doctor and staff decided to continue from this point forward only giving her 2 Chemos rather than 3 each treatment. This is ofcourse not the ideal, but her doctor is confident that it will be enough. The two other medicines are super great meds on their own, but are that much better when paired together. Her infusion appointments will still take just as long because they have increased the amount she receives.

Today mom is back at Huntsman having a blood transfusion. This appointment was scheduled when she was in for her treatment on tuesday. They know that her blood levels will go down from here and so they have decided this time to get her levels up before they go too low. We think this is a very good idea and are planning for this to be a regular happening each Chemo week. So ofcourse, it is somewhat bothersome to mom to realize that there is nothing she can do to build her blood levels. She has asked several times what she can do to help. "Nothing', is the answer. You can't do anything to build up your blood and that is a little frustrating. And so for know we're just encouraging her to have "happy" blood thoughts to make atleast herself feel better.

Mom is very much relieved to be half way done. She is feeling pretty good most days but gets tired quickly. She has learned to take her naps and we've learned to encourage her to take them too. Her next appointment is just under 3 weeks from now. Summer will be in full swing and hopefully family will be gathering around her in Midway, which is something she looks forward to every summer.


  1. Many loves sent your way my sweet auntie.
    (currently in limbo...between of home here is it holds up purchase of home in Oregon)

  2. You go Gayle. We love you! Can I come and hang out with the family in Midway? xoxox

  3. Hey, can we give blood when we're out there this summer to make up for the transfusions? That would be one way we can help. Anyone know?

    Much love - Jill

  4. Anyone is welcome at Midway anytime! Just call before--and what a great idea to do a little blood drive or something when you are in town Aunt Jill! We love you all! Thanks for the comments!

  5. Loved the wig switch pictures! What a sense of humor! Sending you happy and peaceful thoughts tomorrow as you go for the downhill run with chemo!