Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Everything's Going Good

Ginny just reminded me that we probably ought to get another post up to let you know what's going on with Mom.  She had Chemo on Tuesday of last week.  They only gave her 2 out of the 3 Chemos they used the first time.  The 3rd Chemo must have been too evasive the first time around, because she is still working on growing her white blood cells up from that.  It seems understandable though, that they wouldn't give another Chemo to you again if your body wasn't prepared for it, so that's just what happened.  She ended up just having the 2 this last time. 

The same thing happened this time around as well as far as the sickness goes--she feels quite well for the first few days and then gets sick on Saturdays.  She has spent a bulk of the time at Ginny's house in Salt Lake--and I think that's been good for her.  She has commented a bunch that it's been helpful to her to have someone help her be happy each day.  I know the family really appreciates all that she, Cort, and the family are doing to support her.

They went back up to Huntsman earlier today to get her blood count again and it's looking better--so that's great news.  She will likely have her next Chemo on Tuesday, June 1st. 


  1. Dear, dear Gayle . . . how I love you! Your pictures are beautiful and I'm so pleased to know of the progress you are making. The t-shirts, the pink mailbox, the 5K races, etc., are all so creative and serve to remind us of the power of good causes, both public and private.

    You have to know that you are loved and appreciated, but if there's a day that you question that, please know that even those of us who aren't able to be as close as we would like, still pray for your comfort and ultimate recovery. Keep going . . . we're looking forward to seeing you this summer!

  2. So glad that things are going well...hang in there auntie ;) lots of love

  3. Hi to my dear wonderful sister! Yep....I finally figured this blog-thing out and can write you a note here! I know that you have been really feeling yucky with this last chemo - even though you are strong and aren't complaining about it. But I know that you are sick to your stomach and that you are doing the best you can to "distract yourself" from thinking about it! So....let's think about the lovely new flowers that are coming up everywhere, okay? I have just finished planting flowers down here for at least 1 wedding in our yard, and maybe 2...as I have offered the yard to our nephew, Justin to use it for his wedding on July 31st. We will see! Now keep plugging ear sister-blister! Love you! Carolyn