Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Gift

Meet Wendy.  She is our cousin.  She is a wonderful wife, mother and friend.  And she loves MOMS.  Her Mom especially who has suffered from MS her whole life, and my Mom too--now with Breast Cancer.  Keep reading...
 She, her husband Will, and darling children, Annie and Cal live in North Carolina. 

 Just two weeks ago, she and her family were in a terrible accident.  Please read this excerpt off her blog:

"Sunday evening we were on our way to the Patterson's in High Point for a BBQ. We were on a wide country road that had little roads intercepting it along the way. We had the right of way until we came to another little intersection and Will missed the stop sign. I didn't see it either, but I noticed the other road didn't have one. So I asked Will "Are you sure..?", looked to my right and saw a minivan maybe 10 feet away going just as fast as we were going, 40mph. For a split second I thought 'we're done'. That's all I really remember. And of course my mind replays that instance about a thousand times a day. I vaguely remember Will picking me up to take me aside to give me a Priesthood blessing. Annie screamed, terrified to see me so unresponsive, and then Will and another man I didn't know put there hands on my head and I was out again. The next time I woke up I was in the ER at Forsyth Medical Center. That's what I remember."

Will and her two beautiful children made it through okay--remarkably!  And after waking up in the hospital on the stretcher with her husband Will by her side, the results from the tests came back about Wendy.

"No broken ribs just bruised ones; no internal bleeding just a concussion."

" Last of all (and most noticable) are the lacerations on my face from the impact of the airbag. I'll gladly take some face injuries over injured kids or worse."

When I read on her blog she had survived such an experience, I thought, "Oh there's no way she'll run "The Race for the Cure" 5K in North Carolina the next weekend like she'd told me.

You can imagine my surprise when I opened an email from her this last week, with THESE pictures on them. 

{An excerpt from her email}

"So, yes, last week was somewhat of a different week for us post car-total and in the middle of finals while healing, but thanks to such great help from the in-laws that came to town (and of course good pain killers) I felt up to running Race for the Cure on Saturday. I promised Will I would be smart and so I I didn't try to make a certain time or anything, but kept a good pace and ran the 5K. By the end I was somewhat dizzy from my concussion but I held onto Will for a little bit and got some food and was feeling good again. In total I raised just under $100 ,which I felt good about considering it was a 5K and that I decided to run just two weeks before the race. I was actually thinking of your mom and my mom a lot while I ran. I was running with some dizziness and pain on my side and back due to my bruised ribs from our car accident. I couldn't help but just admire these women who deal with day to day pain and uncertainty and yet push through with faith, patience, smiles, and love. It was actually quite humbling. My pain and weakness was so extremely mild compared to what these women feel. How I hope I can always be grateful for the strength I've been given and use it for good purposes.

Please tell your mom I'm so proud of her for fighting the fight and for doing it with such a great love for our God. How I love her.
It was great to see so many others there, so supportive of the cause to fight Breast Cancer and increase awareness. I can't tell you how much I recommend participating in one! Experiences like this really help me feel like I'm helping, even if in the smallest way."

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  1. That made me cry....thank you too (another cousin of ginny) KEEP IT UP AUNTIE ;)