Sunday, May 9, 2010

Race for the Cure -- Salt Lake City 2010

I was so excited this year to participate in the "Race for the Cure." I sadly never participated when Sue (Bentley's wife) was going through her treatments. They have been doing this race for several years now and how fun for them to participate this year as a 5 year survivor.

Several weeks ago my running partner Megan asked me if I wanted to run the race with her and another friend, Shannon. I agreed and thought this year would be perfect to run on behalf of my mom. Megan said she would think of a team name and that we were going to get t-shirts printed up with the names of the people whom we were running for. "Sure", I thought. "No problem. This will be great." Well, one morning Megan called me and told me that they had decided on our team name. She said we were going to have pink camouflage t-shirts that read "Stop the War in My Raq". Yes you read right! At first I didn't get it but then thought it was hilarious. I told my mom and Sue just to make sure that they wouldn't be embarrassed to have their name on a t-shirt like that. They as well loved it. So, yesterday Megan, Shannon and I ventured downtown to participate in the race. It was so much fun! It was tender looking at these thousands of people gathered in one great cause. You could feel the hope and courage just beaming from everyone. Of course it made it extra fun that people came up to us and asked to take our picture or told us that we had the best t-shirts there. It was also a bonus that we made it on channel 4 and channel 13 news as well.

What a memorable experience and special day that it was. I hope that I'm always able to participate until we find a cure!

 Little ol' me in my pink camo

They accidentally put survivor instead of fighter for our Mom--but that's okay because she'll be a survivor next year and I can wear the t-shirt again.  Sue is our sister-in-law and Susan is my Mother-in-Law who passed away from Breast Cancer 18 years ago. 

Shannon, Me, and Megan


  1. I LOVE IT! Way to go Ginny and crew ;)

  2. Ginny, it was great catching up on your mom's blog and reading about what a trooper she is. What an inspiration her story is and what a wonderful attitude you all have. Annie was darling yesterday and I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about all of you.

  3. That is the greatest T-shirt EVER! Love that you did that. Next year, count me in :)

  4. Ginny where did you get such an awesome shirt and where can i get one. I Love you guys for doing this for Mom. :) I think next year we should all do the Race for the Cure together.